METAL HAMMER ITALY ( 13/10/1999 )
1. Can you tell me something more about this new '109'?

First I have to explain the title .
" 109 " pronounced in french has another meaning.
The other meaning is " new blood ".(the same as the song " SANG NEUF ").
The allusion of the changing of line-up is clear.
We have recorded " 109 " at home in our own studio during winter.
There are 12 tracks of pure KILLERS.
For whose who doesn't know us, I can tell that " 109 " will give them a good idea of our metal.

2. Is it a concept album about crusades? If so, can you tell me something morer about the story?

It's not really a concept album about crusades because stories are not linked.
I didn't want to make a historic narration.
I have prefered to speak of this period from the inside of the people's characters.
It's much more interesting because passions are out of time and you can always make a relation with today's feelings.

3. Between 'Fort Interieur' and '109' the line-up changed a lot. Why? What happened?

I thought that " FORT INTERIEUR " took us too much time since the making of songs until the effective release.
I like to make songs quickly to be as direct as possible.
Music don't like to wait to be heard.
It was not possible with the line-up of " FORT INTERIEUR " so I decided to play my new songs with new musicians.
They brought me a great enthusiasm and now I'm sure it was the right decision.
Shows are much more powerful and atmosphere is fantastic.

4. The band has always remained true to their classic power/speed metal;
Why? Aren't you interested in new types of sounds?

I 'm not going to write songs trying to follow fashions.
I have never done like this kind of calculation and I know it will never be like this.
I play what I like trying to correct or develop the music of KILLERS with the new experience that bring the release of each album.
New types of sounds are too impersonals for me. Metal has to be classic to stay true.
A lot of bands have melted too much things with their metal and the result is shit.
They have no identity and they all sounds the same.
Everybody can do what he want but you can't call it metal.

5. What are your main musical influences?

Except KILLERS, I have not time to listen a lot of music.
I think it's better to keep our own identity.
I like german bands like GAMMA RAY or RUNNING WILD for example.
Of course I like MANOWAR.
There are too much bands to say.
Generally, I like true metal with a preference to melodic speed metal.
Our drummer is a fanatic of playing double bass drums.
That's what I like since the beginning of KILLERS.

6. Killers have a long story behind, but seem to have no intention to give it up; Why are you still struggling for metal after so many years?

Cause metal is my passion. It's a kind of outlet. Metal is my life and I know it's the same for our fans .
It's so great to play music with fun. If we can help metal doing this, it's O.K.
That's why KILLERS is still alive, we love metal and we fuck fashions.

7. Every album of Killers was sung in French: don't you think English lyrics could have helped you in getting bigger fame, at least outside France?

Yes of course but words are very important for me.
French is better for me to express things.
I know it's a disadvantage but it's my way.
I am not as good in english that in french so I prefer to be O.K. with me even if it's more difficult for some people.
I know that it will not be a problem if songs sounds good.
I don't care the language, I like the emotion and the feeling of music.
We are honest in our thought processes. Metal fans like honesty and truth.

8. How do you condider the international market outside France? You have played in Wacken , what do you expect from that festival?

German market is great for us and Wacken is cult.
We have met fans from all around europe (Germany,France,England,Italy,Greece,Spain and so on…).
We hope that press will present our performance with pleasure and everything will be O.K. for us.
We hope it will be a chance to increase our audience in europe.

9. How do you see the future of Killers now? Do you still believe in the big breakthrough?

The " big breakthrough " is not our preoccupation (That's why we are still playing our music).
I know that we are going to record a new CD every year or every year and a half and it's the most important thing for me.
KILLERS is still alive and sure for a long time.

10. Can you tell me something about the French market? How big is heavy metal there?

French market is real but it's not a very big market.
France is not very rock and live performances are not very easy to concrete.
That's not a problem for us cause we are known but it's much more difficult for young bands.
Things are changing but very slowly.

11. What about your Bask origins, you seem very proud of them?
What does it mean to come from the Bask Country for you? Are you involved in nationalism or do you believe in Bask independence?

Of course I'm proud of my Bask origins.
I think that everybody has to be proud of its origins. It's a kind of blessing that we have to retain.
World is universalizing and they want us to be all similars eating the same shit, speaking the same language, having the same passions and so on.
It's not a good thing because it's imposed by economicals and financials interests.
What a coincidence USA are the dominants.
In any country there are good things and bad things.
I think Europe is a solution to protect our particularities if economicals interests are not dominants.
I believe in an Europe of peoples which respect differences.
Nobody has to impose what peoples have to speak or think.
Bask country has a part in France and a part on Spain.
France and Spain are not interested by the use of Bask language so Bask nation has to fight to keep its language alive. (Bask language is one of the oldest language from Europe).
States don't respect specific characters if they are not theirs.
Our nationalism is not source of conflicts for those who respect us.
On the contrary, Bask country is open on others.