THAT'S METAL GERMANY ( 27/08/1999 )
1. Please give us a brief history of KILLERS from your foundation, your changes through the years till today.

I'm the only one from the foundation of KILLERS. I was just playing rythm guitar at the beginning.
It was in 1984.
We have recorded two albums with this line-up ( 1985 : FILS DE LA HAINE / 1986 : DANGER DE VIE).
The others have stopped KILLERS and I've continued on my way with new musicians.
We have recorded two others albums ( 1987 : MISE AUX POINGS / 1989 : RESISTANCES).
Then our singer has stopped musical activities and I've become the new one in 1991.
We have recorded 3 studio albums ( 1992 : CITÉS INTERDITES / 1995 : CONTRE-COURANT / 1998 : FORT INTÉRIEUR ) and a live album ( 1997 : ENNEMIS EN PUBLIC ).
After the release of " FORT INTÉRIEUR ", I've decided to change the line-up because I thought it was necessary for KILLERS to refresh our passion.
The new ones are Patrick OLIVER on bass, Nicko ANDRIEU on drums and his brother Thierry on lead guitar.
We have recorded our new album " 109 " with this line-up.
I'm sure we are going to carry on for a long time because atmosphere is really great and music is much more powerful than before.

2. Please give your comment to EVERY KILLERS album released till today in chronological order:

Every album has its own identity and I'm very proud of it.
My classification with the benefit of experience is the opposite of the chronological releases.
My favourite is the new one and I'm sure that the next will be my new favourite.

3. I saw you at WACKEN, it was a great gig (most of the wimps were at HAMMERFALL, but I think your gig was classes better). The crowd went crazy, inspite of the fact that (nearly) nobody understands the lyrics or had the chance to sing along the refrains. Don't you thought about singing in english in the past to become a greater audience outside France?

Of course , singing in english , it will be easier for people but french words are a part of KILLERS and I think we are going to follow like this.
May be one day we are going to record some tracks in english but for the moment it's not a priority.
I think any language can be O.K. for Heavy metal if music is good.
It's much more easier to sounds good in english but I'm sure that it's possible for others languages.
We are not opportunist but we are not impervious, we're gonna do as we feel.
It's the same for all the things with KILLERS.
I'm very proud to have play in Wacken with this audience.
I really want to thank you for your welcome.
I know that Europe is great for KILLERS and I'm sure that we have to go together with our own specific characters building a better world and playing our favourite music.

4. You played a very fast and heavy set. Your drummer beat the hell out of his set. Was this gig representative for your concerts you do in France?

Except the duration which is near two hours, the heaviness is the same.
It was a little bit difficult for us because there was no soundcheck (festival…) but at the end audience was our challenge and we wanted to present our music as nearly as possible than in France.
The audience in Wacken was fantastic for us and I hope we're gonna have others opportunities to meet europeans fans of KILLERS.

5. Please tell us about your lyrics. Which are your favourite themes?
Are lyrics important for you, or are the vocals just an other "instrument"?

Words are very important for KILLERS.
Since the beginning I've made all words for the songs.
I've always tried to speak about things to express something more than just an accompaniment of music.
I know that in France it's a kind of stamp for us and I'm proud of it.

6. You have a few songs in basque and announced the basque song in WACKEN separately. Why do you play songs in basque, tell us about the importance for you.

We live in Basque country and Basque language is one of the oldest language from Europe.
Basque country has a part in France and a part on Spain.
France and Spain are not interested by the use of Basque language so Basque nation has to fight to keep its language alive.
We try to do this singing few songs in Basque.

7. Please describe your status in France (in the media, by the fans). I think KILLERS are one of the best know bands from your country, but known very little outside.

Our fans are very faithful. They 've always supported our music.
Without them, I'm sure that KILLERS never had this status in France.
French medias are not metal in France. We have 4 national metal reviews in France.
They help us occasionnaly for the release of our albums but it's not a very big support.
Our fans put pressure on them and things are changing on a good way cause they respect our musical passion.
Very big bands and fashions bands are helped but I think it's the same all around the world.
Fortunately undergroung medias are great for us, it's a very big support for us.

8. You produced ARSENIC, another great french band. Do you produce more other bands? How do you select the bands to produce? Describe your own studio.

It was not a production just a helping hand for the recording of their albums.
I 've not a lot of time to do this but it's necessary for me to appreciate the music of the band.
We have our own studio.
It's not a big studio but there's enough material to record music clearly respecting the identity of a band.
Our method of recording is " direct to disk " on a computer.
We have not as much effects as big studios but the main advantage is to have permanently the studio for our use.

9. Tell us about your musical influences as a guitar player and singer.

I'm not a fanatic of the work with an instrument. I prefer to play intuitively.
My influences concern the listening of good music not the practice of instruments.
I like german bands like GAMMA RAY , RUNNING WILD or GRAVE DIGGER for example.
I have a lot of respect for Kai HANSEN.
Of course I like MANOWAR for their music and for their loyalty to metal.
I like true metal with a preference to melodic speed metal.

10. How started the whole thing? What was your initiation to become an musican or to begin to play an instrument?

I have begun to " play " an instrument with friends in the band. I think it's the best way to have fun.
It's very important to keep this notion in mind. Today it's still my ambition and I'm sure it will be my way.