1- What's happened to you change line-up of band ? Any special reason ?

Since 1994, we have our own studio. I want to release a new album from KILLERS every year and a half.
It was not posible with the previous line up. They were not motivated as necessary to reach this objective so I've decided to look for new musicians. Now it's OK and I know it was the right decision. I don't want to rest on our laurels. We have to show that we are always in the forefront of our heavy metal.

2- Where you find the new guys ? What influencies they have ? Thierry and Nicko are twins ?

In the local scene. Nicko and Thierry have always played in the same band so it was a good thing for the relationship. Musically they like heavy metal with a marked preference for speed. They are not twins, just brothers. Thierry is the eldest. Patrick likes a lot of very different things but his best influence is death metal. It's a good thing for KILLERS because we needed a stronger bass player. He plays very loud and it's great.

3- The "Légende" track have a more of 15 minutes (and it's a great song) ,you think in make this track with this time or happned naturally ?

Since a long time, I wanted to compose this track but others musicians were not OK. They were afraid with the time of listening. I think it's not a problem if music is interesting with different atmospheres. I'm very proud of this track. Everybody likes it and it's a great pleasure for me.

4- What's really mean "109" ? It's a conceptual album ?

" 109 " pronounced in french has another meaning. The other meaning is " new blood ".(the same as the song " SANG NEUF "). The allusion of the changing of line-up is clear. It's not really a conceptual album because stories are not linked. I didn't want to make a historic narration. I have prefered to speak of this period from the inside of the people's characters.
It's much more interesting because passions are out of time and you can always make a relation with today's feelings.

5- Whats tracks you think is better in new CD ?

My favourites are " ALLIÉ ", " SANG NEUF ", " LÉGENDE ", " HUMAIN ", " LE JOUR DU SIÈCLE " and " LA MORT DANS L'ÂME ".

6- You play any old material (first albuns) in live gigs ? Tell us about "a la santé de Bom" (from "danger de vie"), it's a tribute track ?

60 % of live gigs are made of " old material ". The rest of time is about the new album. We have always done like this.
" A LA SANTÉ DE BON " is a tribute track about Bon SCOTT. I 'm a big fan of him and I wanted to give a salute to his memory. Words are not directly about him. I just relate our nights of binge. We usually think about him and we clink glasses drinking to Bon. I think he would like this kind of memory. It's much more constructive to think about somebody with a smile than a tear.

7- I read your interview in SNAKEPIT magazine. And you tell about great problems in french heavy metal scene. Even so I hear about re-issue (High Power , Attentant Rock , Satan Jokers , Sacrilege ,etc..) and returns like Nightmare. You beleive in a revival of French Metal in this year ?

I don't know. I think re-issues are not very interesting cause bands don't form up again. It's good for fans and business but a revival of french metal needs bands in activity. We 'd have to have more bands playing new tracks. It's not the situation. It will be better to help bands in activity than to speak about re-issues. I don't tsay that for you cause I know you do both but our nationals magazines are not as helpful as you. The work of the french label BRENNUS is great for french metal but it will be better if magazines were much more open to french bands.

8- Where countries you have best feed-backs ?

For us, except France, Germany and Italy are the main countries. I hope Brazil is going to welcome our album. I 'm sure it will be OK.

9- You receive any messages ot letters from Brazil ?

Yes, I receive a lot of mails from Brazil. I can tell you it's a great support for us cause you have a lot of passion and we like it.

10- About "world cup ? 98" : You see the final game ? What you think about french and brazillian selections ?

Yes. It was the day of France but I'm not sure that a new match would have the same result. At this level of competition, I think that selections are very close together. I'm sure you 're gonna have your revenge quickly. I like the beauty of game. For this world cup, you were not as good as usually but I'm sure it's gonna change and today's winners will be tomorrow's losers. It's the sport.
Defeats are as importants as victories. You 're gonna be much more strong in the future.

11- Your space for final words ......

Just some news, we are going to record our new album (15 new tracks). I can announce the release for september 2000.
Thank you for your support and have a nice " 109 ".