1) Bruno, first congrats on your new album, great piece of true metal! Since our readers know very little or almost
nothing about the band, please tell us when you started, how many albums were released so far, etc..

Thanks a lot. First, I must admit that i'm the only "survivor" of KILLERS Mark 1... I used to play rhythm guitar in the early years ( 1984), We were 5 guys in the band. I began to sing later.... We recorded two albums with the early line-up ( 1985 /"FILS DE LA HAINE", 1986/ "DANGER DE VIE")...Both of them were on a major-label. Two years later, the all band stopped music business and I decided to
continue on my way with new pals. I officially owned the name " KILLERS" so two albums more were recorded with that new crew
When the new lead singer decided to stop musical activities I took his part and during year 1991 KILLERS became a 4 members group definitively. We have recorded 3 studio-albums ( 1992/"CITÉS INTERDITES" ,1995/"CONTRE-COURANT", 1998/"FORT INTÉRIEUR" ) and a live album ( 1997/"ENNEMIS EN PUBLIC").
After the release of " FORT INTÉRIEUR ", I decided that it was time to change the line-up again thinking a transfusion of fresh blood was necessary with the intention of keeping intact the passion of the group ... And I was right ! AND THE CURRENT LINE-UP IS... :
Patrick OLIVER (bass guitar), Nicko ANDRIEU (drums) and his brother Thierry (lead guitar). We have recorded our ninth album " 109 " in 1999. Then we have just released our latest french sung album just before the new millenium. This album's called " MAUVAISES GRAINES " (Bad seeds) and things seems to be O.K for the future 'cause reviews are excellent all around the world !

2) The band has gone through many line up changes. What was the main reason? You (as the leader) weren't satisfied with the line-up, or the previous members of the band just turned to some other activities?

Well...both in fact... I guess it's the cruel law of a band, you know : you must fight against personal feelings and go on with the best persons ... Pity for the losers but that kind of job has to be done. Sometimes i can't help thinking that KILLERS is a beast which devours its children/musicians...May be that's the reason why the monster is still alive and well ! :o) Motivations and material necessities are certainly not compatible : "...c'est la vie!" :o) But now, after those three years, i'm pretty sure we can carry on together for a long time... Sensations are really great, our music is more powerful than ever, we have an official website ( ) and we still got the more enthusiastic fans in the world !

3) For many years you have done albums in French only and you said on some occasions that you're more comfortable with French, then any other language. How come after all those years, you're releasing an English sung album?

I took on XAVIER LORENTE who was the sleeve-designer of the very first Killers'album. I asked him to draw an original artwork for " Mauvaises graines " first, then i tell him that I wanted to record an english sung album for the first time in Killers'career. I didn't feel able to write perfect english lyrics that was the reason why i needed a lyricist. XAVIER said " O.k, shure i can do it ! " and five months later everything was ready to turn this project real. Now it's great fun: I can assure you that Killers' future albums will be recorded in both languages. It's a such very exciting thing to explore both sides.

4) The original "MAUVAISES GRAINES" album was released in October-November last year, now comes out "Killing Games" with the completely re-written lyrics. You didn't try to translate the original ones, why?

Because i persuaded XAVIER to do it in that way !!! I didn't want a perfect translation of the original french lyrics which were very personal, futhermore I thought it was much more interesting working on songs looking for a brand new direction. French language and english one don't have the same delivery ( you must use more than 10 words in french instead of 5 in english to expess the same thing ! ) and Xavier has experimented technical difficulties to fit the words on all done musics . We even have had to change some melodies, but i think the result is much better anyway. Nevertheless, i'm very happy 'cause tracks have different meanings now ...all the more since XAVIER has
kept the original spirit and a certain .."Killers' touch"... XAVIER is a fucking great genius ! ! !

5) Why did you change the cover art-work?

We did it to avoid the confusion between the two latest albums. Of course musics are basically the same but lyrics aren't and most of arrangements are slightly different,"KILLING GAMES" ain't a "MAUVAISES GRAINES" xerox... consequently the english sung album had to be dressed with a totaly brand new sleeve. We know that KILLERS' addicts are collecting all the stuff from the band too so we must give fans a variant cover. Moreover most of them do prefer the english sung album one ! They think it's more attractive... XAVIER LORENTE didn't want to draw in a medieval or scandinavian way as most of metal album sleeves are used to be... KILLERS is a french group . We're not so proud to be french, but it's a fact and we thought it was important displaying our national identity on the sleeve, that's the reason why you can see napoleonian guys on it ! As for the dead frog on the table you have to imagine the meaning of the scene by yourself...Let's be interactive !

6) Before we set up this interview, you told me that you're extremely busy with all the concerts, etc. How does KILLERS schedule look like? How many gigs you have a month, for example?

During a promotional period, we have to do an incredible amount of things ... :o) Here in France, you have to instigate concerts personally if you wanna play in good conditions. Of course it takes a lot of sweat and time but you finally can be sure to spend cool time on stage in front of fans if you do it so.... But it's not so easy, you can believe me ! Nevertheless i could say we have the opportunity to play more or less thirty concerts a year in our country at this time (and it's not so bad at all !), but times are probably gonna change thanks to the success of our latest albums... Yes, things are getting bigger for KILLERS.

7) How big metal scene in France is?

A french market does exist even it isn't a very big one yet. Most of the groups sell poorly 'cause France isn't exactely the best place for power music you know, live performances aren't very easy to concrete and radio networks prefer to play awfull muzak than speed metal. That situation is not really a problem for KILLERS 'cause the band got a strong reputation ...but it must be a more difficult situation for youngest bands. The times they are changing...but quite slowly...:o) Musically french metal scene is growing better and better year after year. Many bands are producing a really good music and got a cool attitude but may be they are growing in the wrong country... Nevertheless each style of hard rock can exist here in France and can find its own audience that's a positive point. It will be better if forces and passions are united indeed but I think that's only a begining : Europe is going to be more and more important for metal in the future.

8) What bands you grew up on? What bands are you listening to at the moment ?

When I was a youngster I was very keen on bands as AC/DC, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Raven, Trust, Saxon, Motörhead, Accept, Manowar, Helloween (with Kai Hansen) but very soon KILLERS became an important part of my life and listening to other bands became difficult too... Understand that I have to play my own music 8 hours a day... I can't be as receptive as I could be few years ago...Futhermore I'm still thinking it's probably the best behaviour to have according to preserve my personal identity and creativity... Sometimes I do listen to various groups from magazine's samplers Cds but I confess that I do not have spare time enough ...I like going to see other bands on stage occasionaly.

9) Getting back to the album, there's a song called "Azken Agurraren Negarra". Since it's still in Basque language, can you tell us what this song is about?

When a Nation needs soldiers to fight an enemy it doesn't matter if boys are black,white, yellow or blue ! During most of the battles in the past young basques died for France... They were sent to the front while THEY EVEN DIDN'T SPEAK FRENCH !... ...forgoten people of forgoten wars...Well...this song is easy to sing... but really difficult to explain in english... It would be easier in french... Althought I guess the words " Death or Glory" are explicit enough, aren't they ? By the way, an english translation of this song is printed on the booklet .

10) I'm wondering how come none of the major metal labels haven't proposed you a records deal, or I'm totally wrong and they wanted you, but you decided to stay on Brennus?

Six years ago we made a deal with BRENNUS label and the confidence between us is just fine... As I trust them I don't think it's really necessary searching for another deal with somebody else... The crew of BRENNUS lets me having a COMPLETE control about our business and music and may be that's the most important to me... I'm not so sure that we could have freedom enough in the midst of major metal labels nowadays. One year ago KILLERS was a french group only...since the release of "KILLING GAMES" KILLERS has become an international band ! ...I'm talking to you today, could you find better proof of the new KILLERS' status ? :o) Honestly, don't you think it's a little bit ridiculous ? Music is the same, We are the same...We simply change the language of our lyrics ! Personally I do listen to spanish singing groups, basque singing groups etc ...and I don't see where the matter can be ? "Energy" is an international language to me ! Nevertheless concerning with the use of the english language I may understand the way of thinking... I guess a major company does prefer an english singing group 'cause it gets the opportunity to reach international audiences so...and, o.k,that's the reason why we have recorded an english sung disc.... Obviously we do appreciate that our music can be heard outside France...
But, please, don't come thinking it's only a commercial behaviour, I planned this album for years and it's a great artistic satisfaction having achieved one of my wildest dreams at last!

11) In 1999 you were in Wacken. Did you play in other places outside France, besides Wacken?

eh, no... it was the very, very first time! ...and, God, WHAT A GIG ! What an experience to remember!...but I'm pretty sure that the english sung album ("KILLING GAMES") is gonna help us to make up the wasted time ...We could play in Spain next summer for instance...

12) Anything you'd like to add for the readers of Metal Hammer Israël?

Well, i'd like to send you our support and congratulations for your magazine, hopping you're gonna receive our brand new " KILLING GAMES " quite well... The challenge is really important for KILLERS you know...but I 'm sure you're gonna enjoy this album :o)
and may be we could have a tour in your beautiful country someday if you have some beers in the fridge.

13) Thanks for your time and thanks a lot for delivering true metal all the way!!!

You're welcome ...Greetings from France and give our best regards to the Israëlians brothers of Metal ... Take it easy folks.