IRON PAGES ( Otger JESKE ) 2001

It is the first time you release an english version of one of your records. Why? Was it the tenth album and you wanted something special? And then I read, you want do that for every future-release. It's more work for you...

It was one of my wildest dreams to record an english sung album.... and I can assure you it's not a commercial behaviour only. I took the decision to do it after our WACKEN performance in 1999 wich was a great experience to remember for the group... Now I'm pretty sure that the english sung album ( Killing Games ) is gonna help KILLERS to make up the wasted time. Concerning with the use of the english language KILLERS has understood the right way of thinking : International Metal addicts do prefer an english singing group 'cause they get the opportunity to understand lyrics and KILLERS do appreciate that its music can be heard outside France.
To make this record achieved I took on XAVIER LORENTE who was the sleeve-designer of the very first Killers' album I asked him to draw an original artwork for "Mauvaises graines" first, then I tell him that I wanted to record an english sung album for the first time in Killers'career. I didn't feel able to write perfect english lyrics that was the reason why I needed a lyricist. XAVIER said 'O.k,
shure I can do it!' and five months later everything was ready to turn this project real. Now it's great fun: I can assure you that Killers' future albums will be recorded in both languages. It's more work for, sure, but it's a such very exciting thing to explore both sides too. Things are getting bigger for us, KILLERS is a respectable group now, and the release of "Killing Games" a step forward to the international recognition.

Killing Games« got another coverartwork. The motive are complete different. The soldier on the french version reminds me at the 19th century, a bit style from the union-soldiers in the american civil war. And the skeletton-soldiers on the english version looks like an aristocracy bunch of officers in the 17th century. Why you choose such a complete different period for the coverartwork? And is it planed also for future-releases?

We simply did it so to avoid the confusion between the two latest albums...and you're perfectly right with periods, except for the second one! (post french revolution, circa 1797 ) :-))) Of course musics are basically the same but lyrics aren't and most of arrangements are slightly different, "Killing Games" ain't a "Mauvaises graines" xerox... consequently the english sung album had to be dressed
with a totaly brand new sleeve. We know that KILLERS' addicts are collecting all the stuff from the band too so we must give fans a variant cover. Moreover most of them do prefer the english sung album one! They think it's more attractive...

XAVIER LORENTE didn't want to draw in a medieval or scandinavian way as most of metal album sleeves are used to be. KILLERS is a french group! We're not so proud to be french, but it's a fact and we thought it was important displaying our national identity on the sleeve, that's the reason why you can see napoleonian guys on it! As for the dead frog on the table you have to imagine the meaning of the scene by yourself... Let's be interactive!

The pictures in the booklet are the same, but the first side, the middle side and the last side are also new. Why? Your decision? Can you explain the grave-picture on the second booklet-side in you french version? I think you uses the bask language to undertitle that...

Well, when a nation needs soldiers to fight an enemy it doesn't matter if boys are black,white, yellow or blue! During most of the battles in the past young basques died for France. They were sent to the front while THEY EVEN DIDN'T SPEAK FRENCH! Forgotten people of forgotten wars... My uncle was one of them. It's his grave you can see pictured in the booklet... Well, this song is easy to sing but really difficult to explain in english. It would be easier in french... Althought I guess the words "Death or Glory" are explicit enough, aren't they?
By the way, an english translation of this song is printed on the booklet.

I can read in the info-sheet, that the lyrics are rewritten for the english version. At first, can you explain the concept behind »Mauvaises.../Killing...« and than in witch point you changed the lyrics of the english version and why? Would you work in the same direction for future releases?

We changed lyrics 'cause I persuaded XAVIER to do it in that way! I didn't really want a perfect translation of the original french lyrics which were very personal, futhermore I thought it was much more interesting working on songs looking for a brand new direction. French language and english one don't have the same delivery ( you must use more than ten words in french instead of five in english to express the same thing! ) and Xavier has experimented technical difficulties to fit the words on all done musics. We even have had to change some melodies, but I think the result is much better anyway. Nevertheless, I'm very happy 'cause tracks have different meanings now.
All the more since XAVIER has kept the original spirit and a certain 'Killers' touch'... XAVIER is a fucking great genius!
And, yes, we will work in the same direction for our future releases!

IRON PAGES ( Otger JESKE ) 2001