KILLERS - Mauvaises Graines/Killing Games

Mauvaises Graines/Killing Games
(Brennus Records)

Incredible is the exact word to qualify this new KILLERS album!

We never thought that KILLERS could do such a come back especially from Bruno Dolheguy, the bandleader. A very fast and powerful album with inspired lyrics, my only complaint concerning the drum production, sounding at times like a drum machine especially during some intros.

Listening to songs like "Le Loup", "Mauvaises Graines", "Sous France" and the autobiographic "1984" we can say with enough conviction that "M. Graines" can be put in the list of the three best KILLERS release ever, could be even their best album!

Of course, there's the typical track written in Basque language but it still fits the album really well.

The album cover was done by a comic strip drawer Xavier Lorente and the booklet is just superb, featuring 24 photos taken from their Wacken appearance from 1999.

To end it, this 10th KILLERS release is definitely a major piece for French Metal in 2001.

This album is also the first KILLERS release to be issued as an English version called "Killing Games" featuring a different but cool artwork. As with much of their counterparts who did English versions in the past, the way the English lyrics are delivered still sounds somewhat blended, but in no case do they sound ridiculous, don't get me wrong.

Definitely KILLERS strongest album… just hope the next one will be even better and totally flawless.

Christophe Abraham