TERRORAISER ( Ukrania ) 2002

1. I am was shocked by your album "Killing Games". I am not waiting so great retro trash metal. I think that music of 85-86 years but not of 2000. KILLERS has 17 years. Are you always play this music? Tell about your band. I sure that during these 17 years there was many interesting things...

I'm the only "survivor" of KILLERS Mark 1...
I used to play rhythm guitar in the early years ( 1984), We were 5 guys in the band. I began to sing later....
We recorded two albums with the early line-up ( 1985/"FILS DE LA HAINE", 1986/ "DANGER DE VIE
With a new crew, two albums more were recorded ( 1987/"MISE AUX POINGS", 1989/"RESISTANCES").

When the new lead singer decided to stop musical activities I took his part and during year 1991 KILLERS became a 4 members group definitively.
We have recorded 3 studio-albums ( 1992/"CITÉS INTERDITES" ,1995/"CONTRE-COURANT",1998/"FORT INTÉRIEUR" ) and a live album ( 1996/"ENNEMIS EN PUBLIC").
After the release of " FORT INTÉRIEUR ", I decided that it was time to change the line-up again thinking a transfusion of fresh blood was necessary.
AND THE CURRENT LINE-UP IS... : Patrick OLIVER (bass guitar), Nicko ANDRIEU (drums) and his brother Thierry (lead guitar).

We have recorded our ninth album " 109 " in 1999.
Then we have just released our latest french sung album just before the new millenium.
This album's called " MAUVAISES GRAINES " (Bad seeds) and things seems to be O.K for the future 'cause reviews are excellent all around the world !

Then comes out "KILLING GAMES" in 2001 with the completely re-written lyrics of "MAUVAISES GRAINES" tracks.
And we have just released "MISE AUX POINGS 2001" with original music of 1987 and my voice.

During the recording in june, our drummer Nicko ( Thierry's brother ) died in a motorcycle crash..

We have decided to go on with Florent POUEY who was Nicko's roadie and a very good friend of us.
Florent is 22 years old and that was the only way for us to go on cause Nicko's death is the worst event in KILLERS life.

2. As I understand, "Killing Games" is your first album in english? Till that time you are singing on french. Why these changes? Where you get ideas for lyrics?

I took on XAVIER LORENTE who was the sleeve-designer of the very first Killers'album.
I asked him to draw an original artwork for " Mauvaises graines " first, then i tell him that I wanted to record an english sung album for the first time in Killers'career.
I didn't feel able to write perfect english lyrics that was the reason why i needed a lyricist.

XAVIER said " O.k, sure i can do it ! " and five months later everything was ready to turn this project real.

I didn't want a perfect translation of the original french lyrics which were very personal, futhermore I thought it was much more interesting working on songs looking for a brand new direction.

French language and english one don't have the same delivery ( you must use more than 10 words in french instead of 5 in english to expess the same thing ! ) and Xavier has experimented technical difficulties to fit the words on all done musics . We even have had to change some melodies, but i think the result is much better anyway.

Nevertheless, i'm very happy 'cause tracks have different meanings now ...all the more since XAVIER has kept the original spirit and a certain .."Killers' touch"... XAVIER is a fucking great genius ! ! !

Now it's great fun: I can assure you that Killers' future albums will be recorded in both languages.
It's a such very exciting thing to explore both sides.

3. I tried find information about KILLERS in many magazines, but it was without any succes. What do you think, why your band has not famous?

Because many of these magazines do not make correctly their job and are dictated their editorials by certain labels. Of the blow they do not any more want to look farther than the end of their nose because one is of use to them everything on a tray.

Then we sing in French and it is not the best road for the export.
With " Killing games ", that's a little better but the problem is that there is not a lot of people as you which gives us the possibility of expressing us.

4. Not so long ago KILLERS had released new CD. What differences from "Killing Games"?

"MISE AUX POINGS 2001" contains the music of "MISE AUX POINGS" ( released in 1987 ) with my voice.

In 1987, the vocal parts were sung by another singer with a very aggressive interpretation.
It was voluntary because that corresponded to our state of mind of time.
I thought that it would be a good thing to sing these titles with my voice.
We included a video bonus and a supplementary title with a quite new packaging.
It is really a success but it is not about a new album because we kept the original musical parts.

Our true new album will go out late in the year on 2002.

5. Tell about french scene. Why not so much french metal bands became very known in the world in your opinion?

The French scene is more and more important but the structures do not follow.
It is pity but that is necessarily going to change in the next years.
At least, I really advise you to watch the French groups because you risk to have very good surprises very soon.

6. How much time you had play out of France? What reaction of fans was on your music?

Just in Germany for the festival of Wacken.
The reaction was excellent and it really delays us renouveller the experience.
One knows anyway that one is capable of bursting the head of every person who has two ears and who likes the metal.

7. What do you plan for near future? Do you plan re-release your early albums on CD's?

We are at present turning in France a lot.
It is for us very important because it allows us to change our black thoughts.
Otherwise we are going to prepare a new album which will go out before the end of the year.
An English version will follow with quite a lot of surprises but it is still too early to speak about it.

8. What do you know about Ukraine? Tell something for ukrainian metalheads for the end...

I know your wine ( Crimée is really great ) and I have it moreover of excellent recollections.
I enjoy your Vodka and Farshirovannie pertsi too.
I know "le mystère des voix d'ukraine".
As you can see, I know a little about you but I'm sure there's much more good things to know about Ukraine.

I thank you in the name of all the group for your support and I invite you to contact us by mail ( killers@killers.fr )

Good " Killing games ".