THE EARLY YEARS From 1984 up to 1998

Bruno DOLHEGUY is the only "survivor" of KILLERS Mark 1... He used to play rhythm guitar in the early years (1984) when KILLERS was a five guys' band from Bayonne (famous city of the Basque country in the southern part of France, on the Atlantic coast, by the spanish border). Bruno began to sing later....

KILLERS recorded two Lps with the early line-up: "FILS DE LA HAINE" (1985), "DANGER DE VIE" (1986) but two years later the all band stopped KILLERS and Bruno DOLHEGUY decided to continue on his way with new pals.

Two albums more were recorded with that a new crew: "MISE AUX POINGS" (1987) & "RESISTANCES" (1989).When the lead singer decided to stop musical activities Bruno took his part and during year 1991 KILLERS became a 4 members group definitively.

KILLERS recorded 3 studio-albums : "CITÉS INTERDITES" (1992), "CONTRE-COURANT" (1995), "FORT INTÉRIEUR" (1998) and a live album "ENNEMIS EN PUBLIC" (1996).

After the release of "FORT INTÉRIEUR", Bruno DOLHEGUY decided that it was time to change the line-up , thinking a transfusion of fresh blood was necessary with the intention of keeping intact the passion of the group ... That's the reason why the monster is still alive and well !
KILLERS From 1999 up to 2000 More powerful than ever

Bruno DOLHEGUY (vocals, guitar)
Patrick OLIVER (bass guitar)
Nicko ANDRIEU (drums)
Thierry ANDRIEU (lead guitar).

KILLERS recorded its ninth album "109" in 1999 then it has just released its latest French sung album just before the new millennium. This album's called "MAUVAISES GRAINES" (Bad seeds) and things seem to be O.K for the future 'cause reviews about it are excellent! After those three years with this line-up, Bruno DOLHEGUY is pretty sure that the current musicians can carry on together for a long time... Sensations are really great and the music of the group is more powerful than ever, KILLERS has an official website ( http:/ ) and the band still got more and more fans!
"KILLING GAMES" (first English sung album)
A step forward to the international recognition

In 1999 KILLERS was in Wacken and it was a great experience to remember for the group...

For many years KILLERS has done albums in French only but during spring 2001 the band released its first English sung record : " KILLING GAMES " Bruno DOLHEGUY took on a lyricist ( Xavier LORENTE, sleeve-designer of original artworks of "MAUVAISES GRAINES" and "KILLING GAMES") to turn this project real.

Bruno DOLHEGUY didn't want a perfect translation of the original French lyrics so they have adapted some melodies, tracks have different meanings and the result is great. ...all the more since XAVIER LORENTE has kept the original spirit and a certain ..."Killers' touch"!

KILLERS also has changed the cover art-work. It did it so to avoid the confusion between the two latest albums. Of course musics are basically the same but lyrics aren't and most of arrangements are slightly different, "KILLING GAMES" ain't a "MAUVAISES GRAINES" xerox... consequently the English sung album had to be dressed with a totally brand new sleeve.
"MISE AUX POINGS 2001" Concerts, albums and multimedia

After the releases of albums "MAUVAISES GRAINES" and "KILLING GAMES ", KILLERS is on the road again. Between two shows, Bruno DOLHEGUY spends his spare time to finalize an old project: He wants to update the third album of the discography of the group, "MISE AUX POINGS". Considering that he is henceforth the "voice" of the group and considering that the songs of this disc deserve a new youth, Bruno re-records the vocal parts of this album of 1987 and christens it: "MISE AUX POINGS 2001". Always worried of not misleading his fans, he asks Xavier LORENTE to design a brand new packaging and decides to include a dozen minutes video as bonus track too.

This file is screen played by Olivier NELLI and it shows KILLERS both backstage and in concert.

FOR EVER... The tragedy strikes KILLERS

In order to make KILLERS closest to all those fans whose support it since its debuts, an official website and a mailing-list are created in July 2001.

The feeling of the last years is amazing and the future of the group seemed to be bright. But shortly before the release of " MISE AUX POINGS 2001 ", and while Bruno DOLHEGUY is proud to proclaim that crew certainly the best one of all his career, Nicko ANDRIEU, the drummer of the group, kills himself in a motorcycle crash during month of June.

The death of Nicko puts KILLERS and his fans into an awful confusion, but by Thierry ANDRIEU's agreement, the band decides to go on, considering that a such attitude would have been the wish of their friendly comrade.
Three years ago, Nicko had been victim of a road accident and he was replaced by Florent POUEY, road drummer of the group, during a gig in Brittany.
Florent had shared several adventures with the band (mostly the trip to WACKEN) and he becomes logically the new KILLERS' drummer.

Last six months of year 2001, KILLERS is touring intensively in France and Bruno DOLHEGUY gives a lot of interviews in which he never forgets to honour the memory of Nicko. "MISE AUX POINGS 2001" goes out on October 13 and, of course, it's dedicated to Nicko. A track which didn't appear on the former pressing is added at the very last moment: "POUR TOUJOURS" ("FOR EVER") is more particularly intended for him.
At the end of the year, "KILLING GAMES" goes out in Russia and on the Baltic States market. The booklet of this exotic pressing is very slightly reshaped (addition of new photos) but these little details, as well some Cyrillic fonts, make this disc an ultimate "collector item" for most of the unconditional fans of the group.

"HABEMUS METAL" The wolves entered PARIS

Since the death of his former drummer, KILLERS plays a lot of concerts, trying to forget its deep sadness...

From the the end of 2001 up to autumn 2002, the group is on stage everywhere in France and plays its very first gig in the city of PARIS at the "Club DUNOIS". That concert is depicted as a major event by French music magazines and a film clip of the performance is included in a "ROCK HARD magazine" sampler.

Despite its scenic activities, KILLERS runs into studio at the eve of summer 2002 to plan what will become its thirteenth album. "HABEMUS METAL" is available on the music stores shelves on November 15 of the same year...

Reviews are unanimous to greet the quality of this album with for example ROCK HARD which says: "... Habemus Metal is undoubtedly, this day, Metal's best album sung in French, then, please, do not pass next to this bomb!!! ".

At the beginning of 2003, KILLERS got the first place of the annual referendum of the readers of HARD ROCK MAGAZINE and receives a trophy on Sunday, April 6, 2003 in Paris.
Concerts continue and KILLERS notably replays in July in Germany at the KEEP IT TRUE FESTIVAL.

Late in the year, the second live album is released, it is quite naturally entitled "LE CÔTÉ LIVE".
Then KILLERS decides to structure his organizations of concerts in Bidache ( 64 ) by increasing very significantly their periodicity (In May, 2007, not less than 25 concerts will have seen 115 performances and 73 different bands playing there at least once)
Late in the year on 2004, the first KILLERS DVD is released and they celebrate, with a little delay, twenty years of the band on November 12th and 13th in Bidache.
Collectively to these organizations named "Bidache Metal ", the band prepares its new album.

"A L'OMBRE DES VAUTOURS" 22 bullets in the face

" A L'OMBRE DES VAUTOURS" is released in April, 2007. This new album presents 22 new tracks during 69 minutes. The energy is still there but music is a little more varied and cover almost all the styles which compose the Metal music. Concerts continue and the Paris Metal France Festival's show is immortalized in 2008 by the release of a live album.
In the end of March, 2010, Carlo DI MATTEO joins the band to replace Florent who has not now enough time to go on. KILLERS will find the scene on July 2nd, 2010 in Hélette ( 64 ) by participating at the fifteenth edition of the Basque festival Euskal Herria Zuzenean. They are quite ready to record a new album which will be released in 2012.

"10:10" Time set

"10:10" is released on October 10th, 2012 and presents 10 new tracks which balance a little more than his two predecessors the ascendancies Heavy, Speed and Thrash who are a part integral of the music of KILLERS.

The band decides to propose this new album only in direct selling at the 10-euro same price, carriage paid for the whole world. This new step, independent and brave, is a taken commitment from the band for the future. KILLERS is, now in November 2012, recording new tracks for next cd which is going to be released before the end of 2013.